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Supernum is an organization dedicated to using efficient reports platform, beautiful and neat visualization scheme, professional data processing and modeling knowledge to help enterprises effectively use data resources, relying on data to find problems, analyze problems, solve problems, track problems, and then realize digital management.

The following is only part of our work. If you need a customized data management system or consult any questions related to data management, please leave a message to us or send an email to supernum offical post.

The Differences

Primary Membership Custom
Report Manager
User Manager
Authority Manager
Message Manager
Visualization Manager
Reading History Manager

Distinguishing Features

Highly integrated virtual system Our data resource management system uses virtual machine technology and HTML technology, so that you do not need to prepare a separate server, nor do you need to configure any client for your users.
Practically UI designment Our UI design is based on the principle of beauty and practicality, making the page more beautiful, the way of information display more reasonable, while not reducing the response speed of the system.
Using Page Adaptation Technology Most of the elements in our data resource management system can be adjusted automatically according to the screen size, making the display results more perfect for mobile phones, PC, desktop and other devices.
Support multiple databases Our system uses SQLite database by default and has already configured SQLite and MySQL database for you. Of course, you can also dock the database you use with a small amount of configuration.
Rich Resource Management System We have built user, report, authority, reading record, message and other management systems in a modular way as far as possible. You can choose the data resource management system you need according to your own needs.
Well-designed management system We have defined the configuration and maintenance files in a simple and clear way, and we have prepared the operation manual for you. You don't need to master complex code, you just need to understand simple row and column structure to operate.
Support customizing More features waiting for your discovery.

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