How to Share Paste with Virtual Machine

You need to open virtualbox with your virtual machine powered off,click Settings -> Advanced, set share Paste to double side

How to use shared folders of virtual machines

We have configured the SMB shared file protocol for you in the virtual machine, The directory of the shared folder is \\media\share,to view it in windows,you just need to open you windows folder manager, enter \\supernum\share in the address bar,The default username and password are the same as your login account in virtual machine.

If you modify the virtual machine’s login account, host name, or the location of the shared folder, be careful to replace the corresponding information above.

Install softwares

In order to improve work efficiency, we configure the virtual machine for you in the form of minimal installation. If you want the virtual machine to help you with more work, you may need to turn on Ubuntu software and search for the software you need. Here is a list of the applications we recommend for installation:

  1. LibreOffice LibreOffice productivity suite

  2. Thunderbird email applicatio

  3. sqlitebrowser DB browser for Sqlite

  4. MySQL Workbench MySQL Database Design, Administration and Development Tool

  5. DataGrip IntelliJ-based IDE for databases and SQL

  6. Transmission Download and share files over BitTorrent

  7. Remmina Remote Desktop Client

  8. shotwell picture editor

  9. Rhythmbox music player

  10. VLC video player