Frequently Asked Questions

Supernum is an organization dedicated to efficient reporting platform, beautiful and neat visualization scheme, professional data processing and modeling knowledge to help enterprises effectively use data resources, relying on data to find problems, analyze problems, solve problems, track problems, and then realize digital management.
Our products and services can help you quickly build a report management platform within the company. You only need to focus on processing the data resources of the enterprise, then you can provide effective data support for business operators, managers, strategic decision-makers of the enterprise. You can digitally manage the human, material and financial resources of the enterprise, and you can also provide the enterprise with effective data support. Customers and partners provide timely information.
At present, our products are divided into three versions, Primary Edition, Presenting reports to users in the most concise way, you can distribute reports to all users with only a small amount of maintenance work. Membership Edition, User and authority management system are added on the basis of the Primary Edition, which can distribute different reports to users with different roles. Custom Edition, According to your needs, we will tailor-made data resource management platform for you.
For our products, the Primary Edition and the Membership Edition are already in shape, the tentative prices are $999 and $1999 respectively. As for the advanced Custom Edition, we will give you a reasonable price according to your needs, considering the development cycle and development cost comprehensively. The follow-up service of our products is usually up to help you build a data resource management system. If you still need to maintain the system or improve the system, of course, you can also entrust it to us, but we may charge a certain fee at our discretion.
You can leave us a message or send mail directly to our official post. We will contact you as soon as we receive your information.